26 Jan 2022

Difference Between Shared And Dedicated Web Hosting

Setting up a website and running it properly goes through a lot of procedures among which selecting the web hosting service is the most vital one. To be precise, the success of your website depends on your user experience and the user experience is dependent on the quality of web hosting service you choose. Though there are several types of web hosting services, the shared and dedicated hosting services are the most preferred ones. Before you make a choice, you need to have a clear idea about the differences between these two types of two web hosting services.


Here are some of the major differences between Shared and Dedicated web hosting.
1. Resource Access
As the names of the web hosting services suggest, the major difference between shared and dedicated web hosting is the access to resources. In shared hosting, the resources and bandwidths of the server are shared by the participating websites. The number of websites hosted may vary from one server to another but in all cases, the space will be shared. In case of dedicated web hosting, the resources and bandwidth will be dedicated to only one website. You will get individual attention for your website. Websites that require a lot of storage to provide different features to their customers can go with dedicated web hosting. For shared web hosting, Hostpapa makes a decent choice with low prices, good resource access, high performance environment. Visit here for active Hostpapa discount coupon.


2. Number of Sites Hosted
Shared web hosting allows many websites to be hosted on a single server and dedicated web hosting service allows just one website. In case of shared web hosting service, the number of websites may differ but it is always better to choose a web hosting service with less number of participants.


3. Price
The cost of a dedicated web hosting service is always higher than a shared web hosting service. In most of the cases, the shared web hosting services have better bandwidths than dedicated as they have to be used by a number of websites. However, they are quite cheap when compared to dedicated services as the company wouldn’t provide individual attention to any of the users. Best shared web hosting services are sometimes provided for free with limited features but if you want to use several features, get ready to pay a monthly fee. The dedicated hosting packages provided by Siteground are not too highly priced and are worth given the configuration, performance and support that is promised. More on Siteground dedicated hosting offers here.


4. Security
Websites that deal with personal data of the users or take payments from others prefer a web hosting that is dedicated. As the resources are allocated to multiple participants in shared web hosting services, it is possible for other parties to fetch some your personal data. Though the shared servers will have security measures in place to protect user data, the security provided by shared hosting may not be as strong as the security provided by dedicated web hosting. If you are looking for extensive security, dedicated web hosting is the best for you.


5. Chance of Getting Blacklisted
If you are using a shared web hosting service, you are going to share the same IP address with many other companies. It is possible for any website to do some spam related activity which can make it blacklisted in the search engines. While using the same IP address, even your website may get blacklisted though you may not be involved in any such activity.


In the shared hosting space, Bluehost and Hostmonster are ranked as best providers. While GoDaddy wins the race as best provider of dedicated web hosting. There are several coupons and deals provided by these companies. To get best of these offers, use the following links – Bluehost.com Discount, Godaddy Offer.